Offer the best version of your event with personnel specialized in catering, restaurant and cocktail services. Our hospitality professionals are qualified and trained and they have a wide experience working at embassies, wedding venues and private events.

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Staff experienced in bar work and the use of tray in catering at small or large scale events. This is the most demanded profile when waiters are required.

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Restaurant waiter

With a more specialized profile, the restaurant waiter is in charge of taking orders, working on demand and offering a personalized treatment to the final client.

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Smart appearence waiter

Well appearanced waiters with an exquisite customer service.

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Add a touch of distinction to your event with our bartenders specialized on events.

Cortador de Jamón Workout Events

Cortador de jamón

We have professionals specialized in cutting Spanish Jamón at events with years of experience.

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A professional team, trained in different gastronomic styles, who will design a bespoke menu to suit your event.

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Kitchen assistant

Specializing in kitchen services for catering events.

otras categorías hostelería

Other categories

Our waiter service for events is quite complete, but if you haven't found the catering staff you were looking for, please contact us and we will create a tailored team for you.

* In accordance with our Equality Policy, all professional categories make inclusive reference to sexual and gender diversity.

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