At Workout we have a consolidated team of hostesses who are responsible for assisting your guests, managing accreditations, the wardrobe, the photocall… In addition, we have event promoters to develop any type of national commercial presentation, Street Marketing or Road Shows.

These profiles are also available with specific skills: protocol, languages, characterization, disguise, computer skills, etc.

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All support, information and assisting staff who help attendees at an event. Jobs that require good appearance and great professionalism.

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Image Hostesses

If your event needs a careful, elegant and high level appearance, we have a great team of hostesses.

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If you need staff that represents a premium brand, we have a great hostesses team at your disposal.

Acomodadores Workout Events


Professionals who are specialized in assisting your guests, guiding them through the event location and performing sitting tasks.

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They will be able to perform any tasting, sampling, flyer distribution or promotional action at the point of sale. All of this thanks to their commercial skills and previous training related to the product or service.

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Street Marketing Hostesses / Road Shows

We have the necessary staff to represent your brand in any promotional action that takes place at the street.

Otras categorías laborales de imagen en Workout Events

Other categories

Actors, lecturers, make-up artists, ticket attendants, body painters, entertainers for events... If other professional profiles are required, we will evaluate their availability.

* In accordance with our Equality Policy, all professional categories make inclusive reference to sexual and gender diversity.

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