Facilitate the logistics of any event or production with our technical team, fleet and logistics centers. Our event transportation staff is in charge of coordinating the transfer of materials and/or people, in addition to storage, if you need it, or even distribution at the point of sale.

Runner carga Workout Events

Runner load

Operators and vehicles prepared to pick up and/or transfer personnel, guests or artists. As well as the management and/or distribution of materials or to support production needs.

Flota de Vehículos Workout Events

vehicle fleet

If your event needs a careful, elegant and high level image, we have a great team of hostesses.

Materiales de producción Workout Events

Production materials

We have a wide range of basic and necessary materials required in a production. Radios, catenaries, fences, key boxes, folding chairs or night vision devices, among others.

Reservas de espacio Workout Events

Space reservations

We take care, for your convenience, of the reservation of spaces on public roads for the development of your services.

Icono Ayudante de producción Workout Events

Other categories

If you haven't found the event logistics personnel you were looking for, contact us and we'll put together a customized team for you.

* In accordance with our Equality Policy, all professional categories make inclusive reference to sexual and gender diversity.

Our work

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