White van for logistics in events

It organises the logistics and infrastructure of any event or production with our technical team, coordinating transport of materials, necessary storage, distribution at sales point, collections and the transfer to your guests.



Cargo Runner

Operators and vehicles prepared to transport staff, guests or artists, as well as the  distribution of materials to support production needs.


Fleet of Vehicles

We have a selection of vehicles including trucks of 3,500 kg with drivers arranged for the transfer of bulky materials or heavy loads along with smaller vehicles for essentials.

Production Materials

We have a wide catalogue of basic equipment which can be ordered as required for your production such as radios, barriers, fences, boxes, folding chairs or night visors among others.

Space Reservation

For your convenience, we take care of parking and loading space reservation for public thoroughfares. We also signal and guarantee your availability at the event or shooting time.


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