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At The Workout Group we are committed to specialization, professionalization of the personnel and talent management. We provide agile and efficient solutions to our clients’ needs for qualified staff.

Who we are

Workout Events was born in 2004 with the purpose of supplying qualified personnel to the event industry. Our main objective is to offer our clients the best event staff to exceed their expectations. We currently serve more than 1.600 clients and we have more than 50 job categories, organized in 6 main areas: Crew, Image, Logistics, Hospitality, Auxiliary Services and Security*.

*We collaborate with the most prestigious security companies.

In this way, at Workout we cover any type of event: shows, concerts, sporting events, corporate events, filming, trade fairs, promotions… no matter the size or location. In addition, our staff for events is approved in the main shopping centers and department stores.

How we work

We select, train, uniform and provide the team with the necessary material for the execution of its activity; We also supervise the work and we comply rigorously with the labor and risk prevention regulations.

We work hard everyday to find solutions to all your needs, with a quick response 24h/365 days a year, thanks to our staff on duty in each area.
We provide you a unique interlocutor to reduce management time and simplify the selection of all the necessary human resources for your event.

We work with dedication, passion and talent to make your projects a success.

Why Workout Events

Our secret

Single point of contact Workout Events

Single contact person

A single contact for all your personnel requirements.

Workout Events Approvals


We are certified in working in all the main C.C. at the national level.

24-hour attention Workout Events

24H Attention

Attention 24h/365 days a year to solve any unforeseen event.

Safety Workout Events


Safety is our main priority in each of the projects we carry out.

National coverage Workout Events

National coverage

Our regional branches allow us to be always close to you.

Labor Department Workout-Veranstaltungen

Labor Department

Responsible for the processing and management of documentation, contracts and ORP.

Quality Department Workout Events


We have our own Quality Department to guarantee the improvement in all our services.

Occupational risk prevention Workout Events


Our own ORP department to ensure the protection of our workers.

Logistics centers / warehouse Workout Events

Logistics centers

Own logistics support to manage the storage, handling or distribution of all kinds of materials.

Workout Events' own fleet of vehicles

Vehicle fleet

We have various vehicles, both for the transfer of people and for the transport of materials.

WO Events digital tools


Digital tools to streamline all processes and improve management.

Estrategia de RSC Workout Events


Responsible strategy with the aim of reducing the social and environmental impact of the company.

Our team

We collaborate with social actions

Corporate Social Responsibility:

At Workout we care about PEOPLE, we care about YOU and the ENVIRONMENT, that’s why, we developed our CSR project by putting in place a sustainability strategy in all our events and services. We try to be grateful and give back part of everything that society gives us.

We promote the rational use of resources (use of recycled material, energy saving, recycling of waste generated during services, etc.).

We minimize the negative impact of our activity on the environment, always complying with environmental regulations.

We establish sustainable codes of conduct between employees and suppliers, always complying with safety and occupational health and safety regulations as well as the applicable labor agreement.

Implementation of good practices that guarantee a good, respectful and sustainable work environment.

We promote the labor inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion.

We are responsible


Strict compliance with labor regulations.

In-house labor department.

Fair remuneration and taxation according to law.


Preventive activities to eliminate and reduce risks.

We provide ADHOC training.

We ensure compliance with OHS regulations.


Ethical code of conduct.

Responsible channel.

Compliance Committee.


Rational use of resources and care for the environment.

Codes of sustainable conduct, SDG commitment.

Carbon footprint reduction.

Recycling policy.

Equality plan

Inclusion in the labor market


Collaborators with associations.


In the following link you can access the Code of Conduct approved by WORKOUT. It sets out the principles and standards of responsible behavior that all company personnel observe in their daily work and in their relations with third parties.

If you wish to communicate your non-compliance, or raise questions about its content, you can use the Responsible Channel. Your communications will be treated confidentially by the company’s Compliance Committee.

Associations in which we participate

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