Security services

Developing an event which runs smoothly and without incident requires a team in charge of a security plan. Our staff are trained and qualified, complying with the current legislation. Managing large amounts of public access to campuses, informing and accommodating attendees, requires careful organization, experience and the right attitude for the job.



Security Guard

Our team has experience across the industry and especially en event work; all of which are certified and accredited by the Ministry of the Interior (Police) 


Security Assistant

Supports the production and develops the custody of materials, information, accommodation, as well as any other assistance services that the event.


Access control assistant

Managing large amounts of public-in access to large events needs efficiency and security. We have experienced staff to carry out this work.

Image Assistant

They have a similar profile to the previous ones, but with experience in dealing with the public and with a plus of image and elegance, as they are required for Premium events or linked to luxury brands.

VIP Support

The presence of relevant personalities makes it essential to think that they need a discreet and special treatment. Our staff accompanies and takes care of the details.

Security Director, evacuation plans, licenses, visas and impact studies


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