The development of any event requires the design of a security plan and a coordinated team in charge of executing it. Our security personnel for events are trained and qualified, complying with current regulations. In addition, we manage the licenses prior to your event: acoustic studies, environmental impact, project approvals…

Security assistant for events

Service Assistant

Supports the production and develops the custody of materials, information, accommodation, as well as any other assistance service required by the event.

Event Access Controller

Access Control Assistant

Essential to organize the passage of the public and guests to an event in an appropriate manner and always within a legal framework. It controls the capacity and specializes in evictions and crowd control. In addition, they are authorized to request documentation and exercise the right of admission. In Madrid, Barcelona and Balearic Islands an access controller license is required.

Image assistant for events

Image Assistant

These workers have a similar profile to the access control assistants, but with experience in dealing with the public and with a plus of image and elegance. They are the right professionals to ensure security at events linked to luxury brands.

VIP Security - Workout Events

VIP Accompaniment

They are in charge of the management of a premium event accompanying personalities and giving them a careful and discreet treatment or assistance.

Security guard Workout Events

Security guard

We collaborate with the most prestigious security companies to provide our clients with a team of security guards qualified and authorized by the Ministry of the Interior (Police).

safety evacuation plans for events - Workout Events

Other categories

Safety Director, self-evacuation plans, licenses, visas and impact studies.

* In accordance with our Equality Policy, all professional categories make inclusive reference to sexual and gender diversity.

Our work

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