We modernize our Madrid Logistics Center

At WORKOUT we continue with the modernization plan of our offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville, as well as renewing the image of our centers in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. .

In order to provide a better image and greater functionality to our facilities, during the last month we worked on the design and installation of corporate signage for our “Nave de Madrid”.

“We are a young, modern and dynamic team”, therefore, with this change of image we seek to transmit:

  • The constant commitment we have with our customers.
  • Our commitment to quality service.
  • Our capacity for continuous improvement.
  • The importance we attach to process improvement.

Modernized areas in our “Madrid Logistics Center”.

Facade of our Logistics Center in Madrid.

Reception of the ship in Madrid.

Loading and unloading area of our Logistics Center.

Training area in our warehouse in Madrid.

Common areas of the Madrid warehouse.

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