The importance of organizing an event with all security measures in place

Contrary to what has always been said, there is no such thing as a perfect event. And there are always unforeseen events that can occur during the event. But don’t worry, we and our Security Department are here to bring order, minimize any deviation and act so that everything goes as planned and the event is a success. For all these reasons, we can affirm that perfect management does exist.

Logically, all events, whether simple or complex, crowded or crowded, require efficient planning and management to achieve an optimal development. The more people and areas to control, the more resources are needed.

In Workout we have almost 20 years of consolidated experience that supports us in the field of security in all types of events. Our Security Director B.B. tells us how to manage the security of a large event and how to coordinate a team of more than 50 people in various areas.

1 – PRE-EVENT: Aspects to consider before organizing an event

It is undoubtedly a vital part of the organization that requires direct contact with the organizer from the beginning in order to define the distribution of elements and materials (stage, bars, bathrooms, technical equipment, emergency exits, catering area…). It must be carried out in accordance with the Regulations and in compliance with the Law applicable in each case.

– Processing of documentation.

We begin with the analysis and comprehensive processing of all the documentation necessary for the viability of the project. It is essential to know which ones will be necessary and to be aware of the deadlines for each of the procedures in order to comply with them and obtain the relevant licenses or permits on time.

The processing times for each are different, ranging from a few days to several weeks, which is why the more familiar we are with their management, the better. At Workout we know that and that is why we are experts in the management of documentation, such as: Activity license applications, technical projects and visas, self-protection plans, safety/emergency plans, structural certificates, electrical bulletins and certificates, mobility and accessibility studies, and noise impact studies.

– Personnel needs assessment.

Another factor to consider at this stage is the staffing requirements for the event. We must review the information on the event, make a reconnaissance of the area and carry out a study of potential risks, thanks to which we will determine the necessary measures during the event to guarantee your safety.

Personnel selection.

Last but not least, we will select the personnel according to the type of event to be held. The profiles will depend entirely on the functions to be performed. (A concert with an attendance of thousands of people is not the same as a movie premiere with very exclusive guests and with a much lower volume).

2 – DURING THE EVENT: Considerations during the development of the event

At this stage, during the development of the event, it is important to comply at all times with the details set out in the Security Plan. In this way, we will ensure that the proposed measures are complied with and avoid potential risks.

– Training and review of the briefing to security personnel;

Always, prior to the beginning, it is important to carry out a training and/or briefing review to the personnel that will be part of the security device so that there are no doubts about their functions, their correct location in the space and that they know the content of the Plan, so that they know how to act in case of an Emergency.

At Workout we are event staff and the professionalization of our staff is something we have been very clear about since our beginnings. Trained, properly uniformed and experienced personnel with an exquisite treatment of the public is essential for the smooth running of the event. In addition, it must have all the necessary resources (walkie talkie, fences, catenaries, etc.).

During the event, the security personnel must be performing their duties at all times, as they are the first emergency team and are responsible for the smooth running of all phases of the event.

– Coordination and collaboration with the Security Forces;

Similarly, at all times, control, good coordination, the correct use of technical means and collaboration with security forces, if necessary, can make the difference in ensuring the success of any event.

In the event of any type of incident, it is mandatory that personnel are very clear on how to act in order to minimize the risk. This will largely depend on whether the incident remains as an anecdote and the success of your event remains in the memory of the attendees.

3 – POST-EVENT: Evaluation after the end of the event

Internal analysis

Once the event is over, we will meet with all the staff to receive feedback and comment on everything that happened during the event. At Workout we firmly believe that every day you have to learn and there is no better school than the events in which we participate.

Likewise, in the event that they have been present, it is advisable to hold a post-event meeting with the State Security Forces teams to analyze what happened, present any type of incident or contribute ideas for improving collaboration in the future.

Customer feedback

Needless to say, it is also important for us to receive the client’s criticism once the event is over, since there is no one better than them to express their satisfaction. This open and proactive attitude has undoubtedly helped us get to where we are today and is part of what makes us grow every day.

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