5 keys to success in your Street Marketing action

Street marketing is one of the most effective tools to interact with your audience and improve brand recall. If you are thinking of running your own street marketing campaign, don’t miss this post, we give you the keys to make it a real success!

What is Street Marketing?

Street Marketing are those promotional actions carried out in everyday scenarios such as public streets with the aim of causing a greater impact among consumers as it is a non-conventional advertising method. This format has two main advantages for the advertising company:

  • The public is usually receptive and even interprets the action as an experience and not as mere advertising.
  • It does not require large financial investments, but relies on originality and ingenuity to attract the user’s attention.

One of the most creative success stories is that of T-Mobile, which brought the video game Angry Birds to real life in giant format. It took place in Terrassa (Barcelona) and its main objective was to promote a new line of cell phones through the most popular game of the moment.

Others Street Marketing examples that have been very popular with users are the arrival of the eDreams crew to Madrid subwaythe suitcases of the protagonists of La Casa de Papel at Frankfurt airport or more recently the action of the Live Costa del Sol in Brusselswhere they sold sun, flamenco and beach in the middle of winter.

Keys to success in Street Marketing

Physical events are always a good option to capture the attention of the target audience and show a positive image of the brand. Therefore, if you are considering carrying out any action of this type, here are 5 key points to keep in mind to make your Street Marketing campaign a success:

1 – Be creative

If you want to make a real impact on the public, the most important thing is to come up with a truly groundbreaking idea for your Street Marketing strategy. Novelty and the surprise factor will be key to the success of the campaign.

2 – Choose the right location

When planning the Street Marketing action you will need to select the right location to carry it out. To do this, you must take into account factors such as the affluence of the chosen location or the type of public that moves through it, since the choice of a bad location can lead to the failure of the campaign.

The most advisable thing to do is to carry out a previous study or go directly to specialists in the field to ensure a good location and speed up the application for permits in public spaces, which usually involves a lot of bureaucracy.

Succeeding in your Street Marketing action

3 – Staff training

If your Street Marketing action is going to have the presence of hostesses or promoters, make sure they are well trained to communicate your brand’s message correctly.

The most effective is to hire experienced image personnel The most effective thing to do is to hire experienced image personnel, since they will have performed similar tasks in events or promotional actions similar to yours and will have a greater capacity to respond to any unforeseen event that may arise.

4 – Good presence

In relation to the previous point, if your marketing campaign has a human team, it is advisable that they have a good presence and look with a uniform according to the action that is being carried out. The staff will be in charge of representing your brand and interacting with users and, therefore, must give an image of excellence to generate a positive memory in potential customers.

5 – Measure results

It is essential to measure the success of the Street Marketing campaign based on the results of the campaign. Parameters such as reach, interactions with the target audience or data provided by users will be decisive to evaluate how the campaign has developed and even to take into account for future actions of the brand.

Staff for Street Marketing campaigns

At Workout Events we are staffed for events. We have the human team that your Street Marketing action needs: from assembly or logistics professionals to hostesses or models specialized in transferring the image of brands to street campaigns, among other profiles.

If you are looking for your Street Marketing action to have a good reception, do not hesitate in contact Workout Events for more information. We will be happy to listen to your proposal and help you meet your objectives. We are waiting for you!

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